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Seagate OK for DTivo

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Bestbuy will have a 500GB Seagate HD for $99.00 this weekend. It seems to me that a short while ago there was an issue with the new Seagate's not working well in a Tivo environment. Any updates on this situation?
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I know Seagate DB35 drives are made for DVR's. The other drives are noisier and have fast and loud seeks.
Seagates work fine in a Tivo. There's only an issue if you try using two fo them in a dual drive setup. The current load from both drives at startup exceeds what the power supply can provide so the drives never fully spin up, leaving you stuck with the powering up screen. There are simple delay circuits that can be inserted in the power cable to let each drive spin up independently and reduce the load on the power supply. Once they're up and running the power supply can handle them fine.

Dual DB35's are not really any different than the regular Seagate drives. They just test slightly better and are rebadged as a DB35 so they can charge you more for them.
Good deal. I stay away from dual drive setups anyway. anyway.
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