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that's the drive I have in one of my R10s. I paid 34.99 after rebate and coupons at best buy for mine.

However, I'm on my third drive. Seagate's RMA process leaves a little something to be desired. First drive died shortly after the first month. Filing an RMA request online without running windows is a ***** as their app only supports IE. I was able to get it to work by changing the user agent in firefox, but that's just plain stupid. Plus they use all sorts of popup windows. Gack!!

Once you file an RMA, you send the drive out to them at your expense (I expected that). They process the drive (1-2 days after receipt) and then ship the drive out to you using DHL ground (5 day delivery). Every other company I've dealt with ships replacements out 2-day air, so expect to be down 7days + days for whatever shipping method you use.

Cross shipment costs 24.99. In the past, maxtor and western digital, IBM, and even seagate (when i shipped back my 4GB SCSI barracuda drive) did cross shipment free so long as you secure it with a credit card, so I thought this sucked.

Replacement drive died in about 4 days. Had to go through the process again. This time, I *****ed until they did cross shipment for free, but it still shipped DHL ground so 5 day delivery after 2 days to process the RMA (what the hell did they process? I didn't send them anything yet). So 7 day lag time.
FYI, all the days I listed are in business days, so pad a couple of days to take into account weekends.

Third drive has been in place for about 2 months now and so far so good.
Replacement drives are refurbished. First drive was all scratched up on the top and along where the screw holes are. 2nd drive looks alot better. They replace the drives with a new reconditioned label, so there's no information as to the manufacturer date of the replacement drive (that bothers me).

I'm somewhat spoiled in that most of my harddrive replacements in the past have been SCSI drives (which apparently they take more seriously) or Dell replacements under warranty (which I found to be an absolute breeze compared to seagates).

Still, it's a good drive for the TiVO. Runs cool and is at least as quiet as the western digital 80gb drive in the R10, if not more quiet.
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