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SDV hits Greensboro, NC TWC

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Well, I guess the time has come. Triad TWC just announced that they were adding 9 new HD channels:

Today, Time Warner is adding the HD channel for WCWG Channel 20, the local CW Network affiliate, on Channel 536. On Oct. 1, TBS HD will be added in time for the Major League Baseball playoffs.

Then on Oct. 15, a wider expansion will take place, with the addition of WMYV Channel 48, the local MyNetworkTV affiliate, on Channel 531, and the cable channels A&E HD, MTV HD, History Channel HD, CNN HD, Lifetime Movies HD, Food Network HD, Golf Channel/Versus HD, and Universal HD.

But I emailed our local TWC president and got this reply from the Director of Government affairs:

WCWG and other local broadcast stations are not part of switched digital video. SDV will be an important part of future deployment. Recently announced cable programmer additions that you may have seen in the paper will be on the SDV platform.

Agh. I was hoping they wouldn't do that, at least not yet. I've had one S3 for a year and another for about 4 months. Now I'm faced with a decision.
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Oh damn. I feel your pain. I am dreading when Time Warner Mid-Ohio goes SDV.
I'm hoping TiVo can get on the stick soon with the dongle thing since they said they hoped to have it available before SDV was "widely deployed".
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