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Scrubs airs its 100th episode tonight (January 24, epsiode discussion in another thread). Not bad for a show that hasn't exactly received the best treatment from its network (although then again, it hasn't gotten the worst, either: they're still airing it). Anyway, EW notes that Variety has observed the milestone with no fewer than nine articles on the show in today's edition. I haven't found them all yet, but here are four noted by EW:


All of it is good reading for fans of the show, especially this, from the first article:

What's more, Lawrence is now optimistic that "Scrubs" could actually return for a sixth season. Skein popped back on to NBC's sked this month, with the net airing two episodes weekly from 9-10 p.m. Tuesdays, and ratings have been solid.

And even with new hits "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office," Lawrence figures that, unless every one of NBC's midseason comedies work, the net will need "Scrubs" to help anchor a second comedy block outside of Thursdays. Indeed, even if NBC passes, ABC topper Steve McPherson -- who developed "Scrubs" while running Touchstone -- has indicated he'd buy the show for the Alphabet.

"I would bet money that we'll be on a sixth season," he forecasts. "The one thing I've always felt, except when I was at my most bitter, is that NBC always considered us an asset."

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I love this show, even though this season has been a little off. Hopefully it will find its stride this season and continue for several years.

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Maybe this article has already been posted---it covers some of the same ground---but I treasure almost every quote we can get from Sarah---sho seems to keep a low profile for one so talented and beautiful.


I think I'd feel that way even if I were a lot older and more experienced," she says. "I'm definitely spoiled for the long haul, I'm afraid. To be involved in a show with such amazing writing, that has such a great balance of comedy and drama and deals in real issues as well -- like the drama of losing patients -- I mean, as an actress, you just never get tired of that. Then, to get to work with people you actually get along with and want to hang with -- it's just so rare."
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