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I have a Roamio Pro that is just about one year old. It is hooked up to my TV by HDMI. I have started having a problem where the picture will turn black and the sound will drop out at random times, then a couple of seconds later it will sputter a bit and then come back. This happens watching live TV, watching recorded shows, and watching shows through Netflix. If I rewind, the missed portion of the program is there, and will play back normally. If I happen to be in the guide when this happens, the guide appears normal, but the little picture in picture in the upper right hand corner will turn black and then reappear. This is happening about 30 to 40 times per hour.

I have called Tivo customer assistance, and they are insisting it is Comcast's fault. I am doubtful about that, because it is happening on both live and recorded shows. It's not the TV or the HDMI connection, because the guide is not affected when the screen goes black.

Any ideas?
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