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Ok, finnaly got my OTA HD working...

Now, trying to fix the screen format. I don't subscribe to the HD package I was really only interested in the OTA HD for the moment. (might change after I get used to HD)

When I have the Unit in 1080i the screen goes to widescreen and cuts the top and bottom, and when I'm watching a regular SD program it keeps the widescreen format and squishes the picture. I've played with the video settings, set it to 4:3 and Pan&scan but I have to manually swich back to 480i when watching regular SD.

Is there a way to keep it in 1080i and it display SD normally and HD without manually changing the settings?

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That's an older set with a 4:3 CRT? (I think), which might have something to do with it (my 2004 16:9 Sony has no such issues). That's also probably why the HR10 has so many output choices and puts them on the remote--so that it can be as compatible as possible to older or non-standard technology.

There's probably a setting combo that will either work or minimize the problem. If not, probably time for a trip to BB.
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