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Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 WILL IT WORK???

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Merry Bah Humbug! I have spent hours trying to get TIVO to change the channel on my cable box. Also waited,waied, waited for Cust Support to not help at all. One person says Explorer 3100 is not compatible, other says it will. IR dongles won't stay put. I'm ready to pitch the whle thing. Good thing I'm off for a few days. I desperately need help. Do I need a different cable box? If so, where can I get a list of what really works? I'm in the sticks of Western NY on Lake Erie. Thanks... :(
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This thread is a great resource regarding cable (and satellite) boxes and channel changing issues. From what I read here, there are at least two variants of the SA3100, some work and some don't.

I would first suggest that you verify that the TiVo is sending a signal to the IR blaster. Look at the LED end of the blaster through the electronic viewfinder of a digital camera or camcorder while the TiVo tries to change the channel. You should be able to see the LED flash in the viewfinder. If it does not, make sure that you have the wire plugged into the "IR OUT" jack and not the "SERIAL OUT" jack on the TiVo.

Next, which channel changing codes have you tried? Are you sure you can identify the window for the remote sensor on the IR box? When using TiVo's blasters, it's important to have the LED end an inch or two out from the front panel of the box so that the sensor can see the signal, otherwise the angle is too steep.
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The reason I started another thread is because there were no replys to the Dec 28th plea for help. In the mean time we have contacted TIVO a zillion times trying to get the second set of blasters delivered, since that was what the tech in Dec was sure was the problem. I will read and post again with a :up: or :down:
You might want to try someone else for a blaster. I'm using this one from smarthome that arrived in a couple of days. There are some other sources as well.

You say your dongles don't stay put and that's critical. The one linked above sticks right over the eye on the cable box. Mine hasn't moved in 5 years.
I've checked my settings over and over. The new set of Blasters was staying put. We've moved them so many times, one is loosing it's stick. We've been through advanced testing, where you change the codes and a,b,c's one by one. Tried 00018,00047, 00048, 00049, and many more.
I have a kodak digital camera. I layed the blasters down sideways inside the cabinet, where is relatively dark. Held the view finder to my eye any hit the channel up. There was nothing coming out of those suckers that I could see. No kind of flash. I even took the jack out of IR and put it in seriel in case there was a wiring problem. No go. Switched it back again. Tried again. I'm really into making sure the signal is leaving the TIVO, so I want to make sure I'm checking it correctly with the camera. Thanks for the help.

If I can be sure I'm getting a signal out, I'll be game to try another brand. When I say won't stay put, I mean we wore out the stick trying to find the correct placement and were using electrical tape. This new set is headed the same way.
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Oh, you already have the new blaster? Sorry, I though you were still waiting (since December!) to receive it. That's why I suggested going elsewhere. If you've already tried two, the chance of a third one working is pretty small I think.
They finally came this week. If it is the unit itself, I'm glad I have a good paper trail to prove I never had the service, so they should honor a replacement.
Just checking - you were looking through an electronic viewfinder and not just a straight optical one? If you looked at the electronic display and did not see a flash, then there would seem to be a problem with the TiVo, though I've never heard of that going wrong before.
EileenSRN said:
The reason I started another thread is because there were no replys to the Dec 28th plea for help.
I can't add anything else concerning your problem, but in the future if you aren't getting replies to a question just reply to it yourself. This brings it to the front page of the forum.
I have no problem changing channels, but can't control the volume on my SA Explorer 3100, using the TiVo's remote control. Does anyone have a solution?
You don't want to do that. Change the volume on the TV instead. If you change the cable box volume, it will affect recordings.
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