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I have a Tivo Series 2 which worked just fine with a Scientific Atlanta 3250 (maybe a 3100…) cable box. The cable box bit the dust and had to be replaced. After replacement the audio quality while watching live TV is just white noise which overpowers the channel audio and unusable.

The audio from previously recorded shows do not exhibit the audio problem, so the Tivo to TV connection is working. The cable-box to TV path seems to work (coax cable only).

The setup from the cable box to the Tivo is S-Video and RCA stereo cables.

I have done the following.

1. Checked and rechecked the audio cable.
2. Swapped the audio cable.
3. Rebooted the cable box.
4. Rebooted the TIVO.

If I remove one of the RCA channels, the white noise stops. I thought there may be a setting change with the SA box, but don’t recall what it was. I have adjusted the standard settings (Dolby, range, etc.), but no luck.

Any ideas or insight would be a help!
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