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Sci-Fi HD Coming to FiOS?

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DirecTV just launched Sci-Fi HD, along with 26 other HD channels.

Although it is far too early to expect information to have filtered down to CSRs, I called Verizon. To the CSRs credit, she already knew DirecTV had launched the channel and placed me on hold to check with someone else. Her reply was that they obviously want to remain competitive and that she imagines it will be added soon, but that there is no firm timing at this point for doing so.

Anyone have information on FiOS' plans to add additional HD content, specifically Sci-Fi HD? I haven't been able to find anything credible anywhere yet.

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There are a bunch of threads at DSLR (http://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzfiostv) stating that Verizon is not adding much HD until next year. The fact that they did not add TBS HD is a fairly good indicator that they are not rushing.

Bottom line seems to be they did not build the infrastructure adequately to add more channels at this time. Hard to believe since the company is only a few years old.
I find that interesting because everything I've read indicates that FIOS has more than enough bandwidth to match DirecTV's projected HD channel lineup.
Check these threads over at AVS Forum...



FiOS TV is rolling out in the Washington County (Beaverton, OR) area as early as November, and I'm thinking of making the switch...I too was wondering what HD channels would be added since DTV is adding so many...I was caught by surprise to hear mostly that May/June '08 is the timeline for additional FiOS HD channels.

I currently have Comcastic service (limited basic with OTA HD) and am holding out to see what offers FiOS TV has in comparison in the coming month.

The Verizon installer will be out this Saturday to install FiOS for my internet service, so I'm hopeful to get some info on the TV rollout as well.
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