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Saving shows with Tivo Desktop...

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I am considering buying a 2TB upgrade drive for my Series 3 from "dvr-dude" on ebay based on positive reactions here on this forum and ebay feedback.

I have done upgrades in the past for both my Series 3 (to the current 1TB) and my older Series 1's. But since no one else seems to know how to get a 2TB to work on a Series 3, I thought I'd take the plunge.

However, I'd rather not fork over the extra $50 for them to copy the recordings of my old drive to the new one.

I regularly copy shows to my PC using Tivo Desktop, and re-upload later.

My question: would I be able to back up my unwatched shows from the old HD to my PC, and then reload them to the new HD? Or will I get a copyright error, or something like that.

Anyone ever try something similar? I guess I could always watch the remaining unwatched shows on my PC after the upgrade.

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Except for programs that your cable company marks as copy protected it will work fine. You won't be able to transfer those shows to your PC in the first place.
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