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Saving an HDVR2

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The drive in my HDVR2 seems to be failing, so I picked up an identical working unit. Unfortunately, DirecTV will not activate the replacement unit, because HDVR2's do not have RID numbers (not clear if this is just policy or a hardware issue - apparently a change from past practice). It's my understanding that the software resides on the Access Card, and of course, I will reuse the original Access Card. I realize I can get a free DVR replacement, but I'm happy with my TiVO unit and before making any drastic changes, I plan to wait until HD TiVO's are either available or finally declared to be vaporware.

Questions: Can I simply replace the failing drive with the good drive and be back up and running? If no, are there any other options allowing me to keep my HDVR2?
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As long as it is the same make and model TiVo you can swap the hard drives. You will probably have to do a Clear and Delete everything once you put in the new hard drive before you can use it.

For future reference - there are companies (such as dvrupgrade) which sell drives with the TiVo software on it as well as a CD with the software you can copy to a blank drive you purchase. Usually cheaper than buying a new unit and you can put a much larger hard drive in your TiVo for more recording space.
Thanks much, LifeIsABeach,

So by "Clear and Delete," I assume you mean from the DirecTV menu, as opposed to running some Linux process or doing a low-level format on the drive itself - is this a correct assumption?

p.s. I am aware of Weaknees et. al., but just want to maintain until the HD transition happens.
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