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While I have an old thread on how to do this it's gotten a bit messy over time. External upgrade for Bolt and Edge, TE4 and TE3 (Edge is TE4 only, Bolt TE3 or TE4 except for OTA only version which is only TE4) A couple enclosures are recommended since they have separate internal connections for Sata data cable and Sata power cable, not the standard one part slide in connection. You need to be able to connect Sata data and Sata power cable separately to the drive in the enclosure. The enclosure is basically used to hold and power the drive only, the connections on the enclosure are not used. The enclosures are:

Rosewill RX304

Sabrent EC-UEIS7

Both are discontinued so can be a bit tough to find (especially the Rosewill) but can be done. Both will work but the Rosewill is the better choice IMO.

With the Rosewill all you need is the enclosure, the drive (a good quality 3.5" CMR drive) and two cables. With the Sabrent you will need 3 cables, the extra being a molex to Sata adapter for power. It is easier to run the Sata data cable out of the Rosewill as you can run it straight out the back, the back cover is plastic so can trim a hole or just leave rear cover off. Have to get a bit more creative with the Sabrent but can be done.

So for the Edge, all you need is two male/female Sata data cables. If using the Rosewill, with the Sabrent need the molex/Sata adapter for power. One of the data cables, the male end, will connect to the drive connection on the Edge motherboard. Even though the Edge drive connection is one part slide in you can use the male end of the M/F Sata cable to connect directly to the Edge Sata 7 pin data port. Just break off the two plastic tabs next to the connection on the cable. Tie down the cable inside the Edge to keep it from coming loose (maybe a twist tie). You don't NEED an adapter like Weaknees uses though you can if you prefer. Also remember this is Sata to Sata, they do Sata to ESata. The other cable, female part connects to Sata data connector on the drive itself. Then run out the back of the enclosure (if Rosewill, if Sabrent can be a bit more tricky but not bad). So one cable coming out of the Edge, one out of the enclosure, they connect in the middle so you can separate Edge from the enclosure. That's pretty much it, choose lengths of cables to suit your needs. Final thought, you CAN remove the sticker from the bottom of the Edge with no damage using a hairdryer. Take it slow, 1/4-1/2" at a time. I then stored the sticker on a backing from a shipping label.

The Bolt, only need one of the M/F Sata data cables. As you can hookup directly to Sata data connection on the Bolt MB. You will need a Sata data cable with a 90 degree angle on one end that runs the cable towards the back of the Bolt. Can then use shims on each side of the cable so can close up the Bolt completely. The other cable again connects directly to the Sata data connection on the drive inside the enclosure. And run out of enclosure, the two cables will connect in the middle so you can separate the enclosure from the Tivo. Either cable can have the one male end, the 90 degree one coming out of the Bolt or the one coming out of the enclosure.

Here is a pic of a M/F Sata data cable. Finally please do NOT ask me about other enclosures that could be used, I'm sure there are SOME but the majority cannot due to needing separate connections for Sata data and power. Am also including a link to my original thread, has pictures and comments/experience that could be useful.

TE4 or TE3 Bolt or Edge upgrade with external drive | TiVo Community Forum

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