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SAT T60 PS replaced...HD now dead?

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I *just* replaced my power supply in my Sony SAT T60 with a Phillips unit obtained from someone on our list.

All went well, the unit booted up (finally...it was doing nothing before the PS was replaced) and carried me all the way to my direct tv programming. Since I wasn't going to call to reactivate this box for satellite programming, I began watching a movie that had been recorded. I was about 40 minutes into the movie, when the GSOD flickered...and then I returned to the "welcome, powering up screen". I then make it to the "almost there" screen, but then the GSOD flickers again, and I start all over. It has been doing this for the past 45 minutes now.

I have attempted the Kickstart 57, but nothing happens. No change in light colors on the front of the TIVO.

What are the odds that my HD is gone just after I replaced the PS? Is this definately a HD gone bad issue? It seems odd that I was able to watch my recorded programming for a bit, before it all went south.

Any thoughts?
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