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SAT-T60 Dying. Any Way To Keep It?

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After more than a decade of loyal service my SAT-T60 is on its last legs. The hard drive is dying. I purchased another unit on eBay, but found out that I cannot activate it because it does not have an RID.

From what I can gather by searching these forums, I can swap out the hard drives and call DirecTV to activate the machine again, but I am worried that the reboot will require me to be connected to a phone line. I gave up my house line awhile ago and the TiVo still functions. It just reminds me every morning that I haven't made a call in 1,200 days.

My plan has been to hold out until the new HD DirecTV TiVo comes out, but I am losing patience. If I can salvage my current set-up I can live with it for now. If I can't, what is my best option with DirecTV HD DVR's?

Thank you for your time.
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You can take the repaired box to someone else's house with a landline and a TV and do the activation thing. Satellite connection not required.

But HD is nice and DirecTV may give you a good deal on a new HD DVR. In my opinion, once you have had it for a while you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Holding out for the mythical new HD DTiVo seems a losing proposition to me.
A while back I was able to swap out my old basic STB for a DSR6000 without having to deal with DirecTV at all since all were non-RID. I just put the access card from my old STB into the new DSR6000 and used the "Reauthorize My Receiver" functionality at directv.com and it's been working like a charm ever since.

Not sure if you need a phone line to set up the new SAT-T60 for your zip code though...
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