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Samsung SIR-S4040R constantly Reboots

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I have a Tivo Samsung model SIR-S4040R and it's constantly rebooting by itself, sometime after a while (10-30 minutes) and sometimes just when reload de Playlist menu. I made a hard drive upgrade 18 months ago (40 to 120 Mg Maxtor). The used disk space is less than 50%.

Sometimes i can watch tv as long as 8 hours and nothing happens, then suddenly it reboots.

Please help
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Sounds like either a hard drive problem or a thermal problem. Is the TiVo well ventilated? What's the internal temperature? Sometimes, a TiVo will reboot when it gets too hot.

If it is a failing hard drive, you would also see pixelating or stuttering programs during playback, or occasional reboots when playing a "bad" program. I've seen this myself, and it turned out to be a drive that was on the edge of failing.

But as always, YMMV.

Good luck,
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