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Admit it. You always wanted to cruise around in your Ford Explorer with rims and TVs in the headrests with live cable, right? Well here’s a close-enough solution: Samsung’s SL10D10 Portable DirecTV Player. The screen blows away all those others with a laptop-sized 10.2” of viewing space. This LCD screen has a 16:9 image aspect ratio allowing for an awesome viewing experience. The way it’s designed allows for the device to be mounted in a car, under a kitchen cabinet, or in a bathroom easily. Backlit controls and 10-watt stereo sound aren’t the only nice features on this sexy machine, you’ll be watching 250 channels and listening to 75 channels of XM Radio. Still drooling? You’ll have to drool a little longer. The Samsung SL10D10 isn’t coming out until March and carries a price tag of $499.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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