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This message is directed to those with NON-INTEGRATED TiVo units... that are using DirecTV as a service provider.

Specifically those that are using the D11-300

DirecTV is offering a CE (Cutting Edge aka BETA) version of the next update for the D11-300 tonight.


If you have one of these receivers, DirecTV is extremely intrested in getting your feedback on it... in addition, those that are using SA TiVo's to control it... this would be the best time to report any issues with that functionality...

If something "horrible" goes wrong with the Update, you can fall back to the previous version by forcing another download outside the CE window.

See the thread

For more details, and information on how to participate.

NOTE: Over the coming weeks, updates are going to be available for the D10/D11/D12 systems... all subversions as well.
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