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Steve Henderson wrote:
> Here in St. Louis, the local channels on Direct TV start on 884 (Channel
> 2 in STL - KTVI.) For the last THREE weeks, a program that I wanted to
> record on that channel has recorded alright on TIVO, but it has been
> blank... "that channel is not available". BUT, when I check it about 45
> minutes into the recording, if I change the channel up one to 885, of
> course, it tells me that I'm recording, and do I really want to do
> that... when I say "yes" then it changes channels just fine, THEN, when
> I go back down to 884, it's fine too !!!! I have checked the settings
> for the channels, and 884 is selected just like it should be.

I had the exact same problem, on two sets of equipment!

Desired channel: San Francisco local channel 2 (KTVU, Fox) on 884.
S1 Standalones: Sony SVR-2000 and Philips HDR112.
DirecTV receiver: Sony DSS SAT-B2 (August 1996) on each one.
Control cable: Serial port from SVR-2000, IR blaster from HDR112.
(Serial connection from HDR112 stopped working about a year ago).

Problem: If tuned to any channel below 884, then going to 884
produced the white on purple banner "Station not available".
No problem for 885 or above, then going down to 884.

The receiver's channel display showed that is was correctly
tuned to 884. The same problem happened for 8-8-4-Enter as well
as Channel-Up from the highest XM music channel. The TiVo Guide
also showed strangeness. When tuned to 866 (XM-POPS), it said:
866: XM Pops
867: XM Radio Disney
884: Music Channel 104
885: Music Channel 104
886: Music Channel 104
887: Music Channel 104
888: Music Channel 104
Using 8-8-5-Enter correctly went to channel 885, and the TiVo
Guide showed "884 KTV" and "885 KRON".

I don't remember exactly when the problem with 884 started, but it
could very well have been on the day when the old music channels
got replaced by XM radio channels.

> called Direct TV, and they say it may be the DTV receiver. They want to
> send me a refurbished one for shipping only (and a 1-additional year
> agreement). That brings up their DVR. Anybody have it, and how's it
> compare to the Tivo?

I called DirecTV, they said it was a problem with the old DirecTV
receiver, and send out two refurbished D10 receivers. Hooking one
up to the Philips TiVo fixed the problem. The other one would tune
to all the correct channels, but displayed only a black screen.
(This appears to be a known failure mode for the D10: Banner OK
but no programming.) This particular refurb unit has been declared
defective; I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive.

Since my receivers are so old, they don't want the SAT-B2s returned
and the refurbs are coming without 1-year agreement.

Update 1-Jan-2006: Unable to reproduce the problem today. Channel
883 WABC now shows up in the Guide between 879 and 884.
Problem appears to have been fixed at DirecTV's end.


P.S. You could still get a DirecTiVo from DirecTV, as long as you
asked for it explicitly. Check BB, CC, GG, or even Wal-Mart;
the good stuff is is still on the shelves in many locations.
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