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S3: what version should I be at?

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My software says: 8.3.1-01-2-648

I keep seeing mention of 9.1, 9.2 etc.
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V9.2 is latest.

Enter your Tivo service number @ http://www.tivo.com/priority to get 9.2.

You'll get 9.2 regardless, but by entering your service number above, you should get the new software a week or two earlier.
9.1 release a couple of weeks ago, before all users got the update there were various bugs reported, tivo slowed or stopped putting out 9.1 to users, and began putting out 9.2 to a small group of users to see if it would fix the bugs... if you have 8.3 and your machine is stable, i wouldn't worry about it... you will get the newest version when its ready for you...

on the other hand, if you are not stable (or just need to have the latest, possibly sans greatest) - you should put your tivo sn in for a priority update here
You should at least have 8.3.1 so your good. They rolled out 9.1 but it had some issues and they are starting to roll out 9.2. Here is the Priority Page for it if you want to get it sooner than later. Here is the link...


But if your Tivo is working fine I wouldn't worry about it and let the Tivo get the latest version when it is ready and they officially roll it out to everyone.

How long have you had your Tivo? Is it an TivoHD or Series 3?
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