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So, in the last two weeks I've tried to record several shows on ABC. Some of them (Desperate Housewives, Big Shots, Pushing Daisies) have properly recorded from the HD channel (707), while others (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) have inexplicably recorded from the analog channel (7).

This isn't from user error. I have a standing season pass for Grey's that is set to channel 707, and I scheduled one-shot recordings of Big Shots and Pushing Daisies from the guide while I was on channel 707 -- in fact, I scheduled them at the same time that I schedule Private Practice.

Last week's Grey's was the first culprit. After it recorded to the wrong channel, I went ahead and double checked that Tivo was set to record all of this week's shows from the HD station. Everything was fine. Then last night I get home at 9:30 to find Private Practice recording from the analog channel.

What gives?

BTW: in case you feel like suggesting that I just delete the analog channel from my channels list, 1) that still doesn't answer why this happened in the past, and 2) my wife records Oprah every day, and sometimes is 4 or 5 behind. I want those recordings to take up as little space as possible, so I really, really want to be able to record them from the analog channel. I already tried setting up the season pass and then removing the channel; Tivo ignores the channel and schedules no recordings.
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