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S3 from Costco with Lifetime Transfer Fried! Help!

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My S3 purchased back at the end of December 2006 just bit the dust. I hooked it up after painting the bedroom and it went throught the boot cycle and was attempting to acquire channels. It then rebooted and quickly rebooted again and then...poof! Nothing.

Anyways I took advantage of the Lifetime transfer from a S1 in early 2007.

So what is the best way to return the unit, get another one and preserve my lifetime?

Do I just return the unit to Costco, purchase a new one from them and call Tivo to transfer the lifetime?

Or do I call Tivo and have it fixed under warranty? Would Tivo even warranty the S3 since I got it from Costco?

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Why would having purchased it at Costco affect the warranty?
anom said:
Why would having purchased it at Costco affect the warranty?
On Costco's website it says that they are not an "authorized" retailer for the S3, so does Tivo's own manufacturer warranty apply? If so, it is better to go through Tivo rather than the purchase a new unit and try to transfer the lifetime?
You have no choice to keep the lifetime, go through TiVo. Just call customer care, they'll tell you what to do.

Oh yeah, and don't mention that "not authorized dealer" stuff. I doubt it'll make a difference, but still.
booboy97, I think the Costco not an authorized reseller of the Series 3 is no longer true. Last mon when they had the $200 rebate special on a Series 3, there was some discussion here regarding whether buying a Series 3 from Costco would invalidate the warranty. I remember someone posting that he talked to Costco, and they stated they were an authorized deaer (it also appears as if the not authorized reseller on their website has disappeared).

Here's the thread with the discussion on Costco being an authorized reseller (you'll have to search through the 17 pages to find the relevant posts): http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=352577&page=1&pp=30
I saw this under the support page at Tivo.com:

You can use Manage My Account to transfer Product Lifetime Service to another DVR only if:

~ You activated the DVR with Product Lifetime Service less than 30 days ago.

~ The DVR was exchanged under warranty, either through the retailer or the manufacturer.

~ The DVR was activated under an incorrect service number.

If the above applies, follow the steps to transfer your service from the article and login to Manage My Account.

If I purchase another Tivo through Costco and then switch the service number and return the defective unit to Costco, will this work? Has anyone dealt with a bad unit from Costco?

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Just get TiVo to send you another one under warranty, and they will switch the lifetime.
booboy97 said:
~ The DVR was exchanged under warranty, either through the retailer or the manufacturer
That's all you need to know right there. Take the dead S3 to Costco, they'll give you a new one.

When you get home, call Tivo and tell them you need to transfer your lifetime off of a box that died and was replaced by the retailer. Give them the TSN of your new box and you'll be golden.
Yeah, I really, really wouldn't do that without calling TiVo customer care and confirming it's kosher first.
Thanks everyone. I just called Tivo and they are swapping it out.

Am I going to have to call Comcast to do a reinstall of new cable cards when I get the new box?

For free? That's good to know.

Yes, you most likely will. If you're lucky they'll let you read the numbers to them over the phone, I'd be real interested to see if they let you do that.
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