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Can you get good cellular data service there? Depending on the carrier, one may be much better than the other...

Verizon and Sprint currently have the best performing data plans in the United
States...they're CDMA/EVDO based. Internationally, it's a different story, but I'm assuming we're only talking about a US based need here.

1) Cellular data plan with an aircard, and a supportable router, like the one noted above would work....and the easist to implement....you can leave the card and keep the service running the whole time...or use the same card for your laptop when you're not at the cabin.

With cellular data you have an number of other options..depending on how technical you are.

2) Cellular data card in a laptop (there are easy ways to make your laptop into a wireless access point), so while you are up at the cabin you can refresh the guide data on your box. Option 1 gives you the same overall flexibility of usage with a laptop too.

3) Sounds a little crazy, but certain MS mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC phones with a data plan (sometimes usually less expensive than the plans required for the cards), that also have wifi capability can also be turned into little access points for other wireless devices...there is third party software that is available to do this on a data enabled / wifi capable pocket pc phone.

So while you are up at the cabin you can refresh the guide data on your box.

All three can can give you internet access on all your internet based needs at the cabin. In terms of overall performance and maximizing bandwidth with a data plan, each of the options are also the same ranking I would give each.

Worst case with any of the options 1-3, only gprs or low bandwidth 1X data roaming may be possible....but still enough to provide data (albeit slow) to the TiVo.

P.S. Discussion around the ability to spoofing the TiVo Servers, even for a supported and subscribed TiVo, is a likely on a slippery slope of discussion equal or close to the ability of stealing the service....which is a discussion not permitted on this forum....

Bottom line, you need manage some type of data connection to TiVo servers either via phone or some type of internet service.
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