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S2 ST won't change channels through IR with Dish Network

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I just signed up for Dish Network after moving (I previously had DirectTV). My Series 2 won't change the channels on the DN 322 box, however. I've gone through Guided Setup three or four times, tried two different sets of IR blasters, and spent about 20 minutes on the phone with TiVo support...still nothing. Any ideas? A search on here didn't turn up anything really helpful...
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From the compatibility sticky thread.

DISH 322/522: EchoStar 10001-Fast

Be sure the receiver is set to remote address 1.

al_bburn writes “All seems to work ok with one very irritating exception. The 322 schedules a daily call to get program guide information and check for software updates. When its done, it power cycles itself and instead of just going to a channel, it displays 'Press Select to Continue'. Grrrrrrr. Tivo cannot change the channel because it cannot press select.”

Peterod has found the following workaround: “I have the 322 set for a 4am update connection. […] What I did was add a daily timer to ‘AutoTune’ the 322 to any sub'ed channel at 5am. The 322 is tuned at that time to the selected timer and the ‘Select Button’ screen is reset.” If both of the 322's tuners are being used with TiVo, apply the workaround to both.

gl9500 posts a wealth of other helpful DISH 322 tips, including dealing with potential screensaver issues. chuckdfoster reports that for DISH 522s, AutoTune (see previous paragraph) works around the screensaver issue.

Another suggestion is to disable the daily updates and always leave the receiver on.
I assume that you did select Dish Network as the source during guided setup.
JimSpence said:
From the compatibility sticky thread.

I assume that you did select Dish Network as the source during guided setup.
Yeah I've seen that thread. I did select DN as my provider during Guided Setup...

How do I set the receiver to remote address 1? I don't understand how to do this...
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