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S2 SD=>HD??? Will this work?

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Up until tonight, I had a hacked Samsung SIR-S4040R (DirecTivo Series 2, SD).

I picked up two HR10-250's off ebay and two 400GB HDDs -- all with the intent to hack them and get some HD programming (the fact that the HR10s are near the end of their useful life notwithstanding).

I was just starting to burn the InstantCake and Zipper CDs and was about to (as in, unsuccessfully) copy of our Season Passes when... My SIR-S4040R DIED!!! Talk about ironic!!!

I had a lot of shows in that box (it had 250 GB drive!) and I'm thinking its really not worth replacing.


Is it possible to copy the SD content off the 4040's HDD using MFStools to one of the drives I'll put into a HR10, InstantCake and Zipper it and get access to the old SD recordings?
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Probably not. How was your Samsung DirecTivo "hacked"?
InstantCake & Zipper.

I just wanted to make sure the reader understood that there were no encryption issues -- When I did a search, the only thread I could find related on the subject only talked about encryption because that person's box was not 'hacked'.

PS: I'm going to try it anyway.
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