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I have a new DT S2 in the bedroom with cable tv and works great. When Iwas setting up the new S2 DT, I saw option for having both sat and cable..

In the living room we have an old S1 tivo for dishnetwork, we also have cable tv.
I was thinking of upgrading this old tivo to the new DT tivo.

Question: (I havent messed with it, soI dont know how it will act)

Some questions:

How does both SAT and Cable work in one tivo?
Can I record from SAT source and cable too?

Channel surfing, how will the channel info in guide look? Does it combine both?


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The Sat and Cable channels will be listed in the guide. Thy will be listed as cbl and sat, or something like that. You choose that channel, and it will select that source and tune that channel.

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flight_ace said:
Looks like I found part of my questions... setup and support

My last questiond would be tv inputs.... Cable is coax and sat is svideo, when setup like this do I need to change SOURCE or something? or can I have Tivo
show both sat and cable to same tv input?
There would be only one input to the TV. That's all you need. A Tivo wouldn't ever be sending more than one signal to the TV no matter what it's signal source(s).
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