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I recently bought a HD-Tivo and gave my two year old S2 to my daughter. Last night when I attempted to hook the S2 up to her TV I could not get the TIVO to pass the cable box signal to the display.

1: The SA unit is a basic cable box and when hooked directly to the TV via RF, composite and SV works as expected.
2: The TIVO when hooked to the TV only outputs its internal material … TIVO Central, set-up etc. It will play already recorded material as expected. . This behavior presents on any output.. When switched to live TV the TIVO reports (via a message screen) that it is not receiving a signal from the cable box. However as I indicated above I know the SA box is functioning.
3: When the TIVO is configured for RF input/output placing the TIVO in standby causes the Cable to display its tuned program on the TV.

Is it possible that the cable signal is to weak for the TIVO? Even so, since its an analog device I would expect to see some kind of output (noise). Its hard to believe that the S2 which has worked flawlessly for years would suddenly fail.

1: Should I call TW to check the signal strength.
2: Is it better to swap the drive into an old S2 which had a drive failure but is otherwise OK?
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