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I have an original style series 2 networked with a Tivo wireless adapter running WEP 128. My Tivo Desktop PC is a Vista Ultimate 32 bit running Tivo Desktop version 2.5.275381. I am using a linksys wireless router. I transfer a lot of video from my pc to my tivo to watch. I have been getting a lot of screen freezes and incomplete transfers. Sometimes my Tivo will go into a reboot cycle about 4 or 5 times, then work fine. Or after the reboot cycle will completely freeze again (unplug time). I have not gotten the GSOD. This happened everyone once in a while when I had the 2.4 version of Tivo Desktop, but now it happens a lot. I have not been able to transfer a 2 hour recording in at least a week. The tivo has not rebooted in a few days, but if I try and transfer multiple programs at the same time ( adding additional ones to the transfer list) it will grind to a halt before I even leave the menus.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Thanks so much for any help.


S2 - 80hr - original
S2 - 40hr - newer style
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