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S VIDEO Color Issue

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I have been having color related issues on my unit. The color will occassionally go very weird. Not black and white but strange varioations on what should be the color. This is usually solved in a few minutes by hitting pause or some other function in which case it returns to normal. I thought it might be the S Video vs Composite video issue I have read about in other posts. I went to composite video and it did not solve the problem. I am now noticing it on my other units that have always been composite video. It seems unlikely to be a unit issue now that I notice it on multiple units. Does anyone know what this could be? Could it be a satellite issue or the splitter (I do not know the DBS version of the splitter is called).

Thanks in advance for all help.
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What models? Does it do it on any particular channel?

I really doubt that this is caused by the dish or multiswitch.
My first thought is that the video output of the unit is failing.
Have you tried the RF output?
The first unit is a Philips DSR704 that I just replaced the hard drive on. This is the unti where I switched from S Video to Composite. I have not tried the RF because I thought that since it was also happening on my DTV R10 as well, it was unlikely to be a unit specific issue.

It seemed like the problem was exactly as being described on the S Video vs Composite video issue. So I thought this would solve it, but it did not work.

It is not channel specific and it happens on both live TV and when watching a recorded program.

If you still think it is the video output, is this something that can be fixed or do I need to replace the entire unit?

Press yellow pause key,wait 3 seconds,press pause key again ( causes video to resync)
I will give that a try but last night I noticed something additional. I was watching the ER from Thursday and at the 35 mintue marked the picture froze but the sound continued for about 10 secs and then it jumped to the right picture and sound. I went to a second DVR where I had this recorded and at the same point in the show it occurred on the second DVR. To me, this means that it has got to be either an issue with DTV or from the feed from the satellite. Could the splitter or satelliet output be causing this?

It could be the Multi-switch I have had audio from the same program arrive at different receivers a few seconds delayed. Good luck with your trouble shooting.
Is it just the sound that arrives delayed or is it also the picture. If it is just sound that seems odd, but I have receivers that receive picture and sound at different intervals. I think this is due to the length of wire run and the time used by the receiver to process. I have an R10 that is 1-2 seconds behind a much faster Philips unit that I have.

Do you know if DTV will replace a multi switch?
If Directv originally supplied it they may if they didn't I would guess no but it wouldn't hurt to try. My receivers are in different rooms so I cannot tell you what was on each Screen at the exact same instant in time. When talking to Directv try to make it a customer satisfaction issue that only their action can resolve. Good Luck.
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