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Does this make 30-second skip work like it used to?

I don't love the fast-forward style of the default 30-second skip.
A common label for the new, default mechanism is "30-Second Slip." (a.k.a. 30-Second Scan)

And the non-skip behavior can still be toggled between sllp/scan and jump-to-tick via the Settings menu, under Part 4* of the Remote Control Setup screen:
Remote Control Setup
Part 4*: ADVANCE and REPLAY buttons​
... noting that the jump-to-tick behavior is also available when the TiVo is configured for SKIP or SLIP/SCAN modes, so long as you first put playback into FastForward or Rewind.

* edit: p.s. I'm not sure the specific menu choice is labeled "Part 4" for each TiVo device; I've only checked my Roamio and Mini, could be different on the BOLT.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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