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Running a TiVo and MurdochPox together... possible?

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I have TiVo, and had Sky Minus :rolleyes:, but I have decommissioned the Sky- box for quite a while because I couldn't justify spending £10 extra for a second box to run TiVo so one system had to go and of course that means the Murdoch Dodgybox.

However it now occurs to me that I could run the two systems alongside each other in the following way.

You can control two boxes from the TiVo by having one on the Aux input and one on the RF. So I was thinking that I could connect a Freeview box to the TiVo as its main feed, with the Sky+ as the secondary, and in this way I'd get the enhanced TiVo EPG applied to the Sky+ box, but the Sky+ could independently record other stuff as well in full picture quality.

So the proposed setup would be: Freeview box -> TiVo AUX, Sky+ RF->TiVo RF in.

Would this work?
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jasejames said:
So the proposed setup would be: Freeview box -> TiVo AUX, Sky+ RF->TiVo RF in.
You can only do it the other way with Freeview in to RF and Sky in to Aux Scart as Guided Setup doesn't permit the other possibility.

There is an extensive previous thread somewhere on using a Sky+ box with a Tivo. Try using the forum Search option.
Thanks for that :)

I guess the next obvious question is, which Freeview boxes implement line-23 widescreen switching seeing as I am going to have to kludge the Freeview side of things, not ideal.
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