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RS-TX20 Problem - No picture

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I unplugged my RS-TX20 to clean around the area and when I plugged it back in, it turns on, but no picture/connection comes up on the TV for TIVO. Any suggestions. It was working fine minutes before I moved it. :confused:
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A few questions to help us help you troubleshoot the problem.

What LEDs do you see on the front of the unit when you power it back on?
Did you wait at least 10 seconds before moving the unit after unplugging it?
What happens when you press the TiVo button on the remote or the front of the TiVo?
How long did you wait for the TiVo to boot after you plugged it back in? Sometimes, it can take about 5-10 minutes before anything appears on the screen.

It is possible that your hard drive died, but you should at least see the "Welcome, Powering up..." screen.

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