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Roxio Problem

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I am using Roxio 10 and TiVo Desktop (paid version). I transfer a show to my PC just fine. It shows up under my Tivo recordings as it should. When I load Roxio's My DVD and select the file, I get a message saying the file "cannot be edited and will NOT be added." It gives me no option except to exit.

Can anyone help me out here?
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Did you ever get an answer or figure this out? I'm trying to make this work now and it won't load like you said, drops out under the express version, and won't convert telling me I need desktop 2.3 or better installed (but I have 2.3A installed and running at the time!).
No answers from anybody! I guess there's no one having a problem, or, more likely no one is using version 10 with TiVo recordings.

I did see a post somewhere, I think on the Roxio site, where this particular problem was pointed out yet there's no fix from Roxio for it.

I stated using VideoRedo Plus and took back the Roxio software and got my money back.

I'll never use their (Roxio's) junk again!
I am using the mydvd 9 basic and I had 3 different recordings of UFO files from the history channel that I could edit and burn to DVD but I have one recording of UFO files that I can't add getting the same message that you are getting so there is definitely an issue here.
I don't have Roxio 10, but I did have a question. Can you double-click a .tivo file in Windows Explorer and have it open and play? I seem to remember a similar problem when I first got Roxio 9 (or was it MyDVD 6) only to find that the Tivo Desktop software hadn't installed completely correctly. I couldn't play .tivo files at all on the PC, which explained why they couldn't be added to my DVD. Just a thought. Good luck!
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