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I am hoping someone replies with help for you. I need the same help. I've done the entire process, and it shows that there is something on the DVD, but I can't play/view it anywhere. If I figure it out, I'll post the steps.

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Here's a link to what I've learned about EMC9.

It's not exactly a tutorial but maybe it will help.

I haven't used EMC9 for months now for two reasons:
1. I'm not doing many DVD's now. Creating them is way to time consuming. I'm excited by things like pyTivo (and Tivo.Net, see the sticky section) which allow you to store videos (in almost any format) archivally on big USB drives (for example) and stream them in real time to your TiVo for viewing. For truly long term archival storage the USB drives may not be acceptable, and perhaps DVD's are an answer. However for this purpose you don't need to "author" the DVD, rather just store the video as a data file, much quicker and simpler.

2. When I do author a DVD, I prefer a method called the "Dan203" method which is plastered all over this forum, e.g. ***here***..

Nevertheless, as I stated in the first referenced post, I think you can get useful performance from EMC9 if you hold your nose right. ;)
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