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SkipMode. Sorry, not on a Series 4 (unless you are special).

1P (OnePass) came about to differentiate it from OP (Original Poster).
AGC = Automatic gain control - Wikipedia
BF = Black Friday
BSC = Blue Spinning Circle (hamsters need food)
BT = Bluetooth - Wikipedia
C&DE = Clear & Delete Everything
CPI&TDL = Clear Program Information and To Do List
DD = Dolby Digital Dolby Digital - Wikipedia
DMA = Media market - Wikipedia
DTA = Digital Transport Adapter (sometimes free)
EAS = Emergency Alert System
GS = Guided Setup
HT = Home Theater
IFTTT = If This Then That - IFTTT Apps for Tivo
KaM = Keep at Most
KS = Kickstart - TiVo Kickstart Codes and Information
KUID = Keep Until I Delete
MRS = Multi-Room Streaming
MRV = Multi-Room Viewing
MAK = Media Access Key
MBT/ODT = Motherboard Temperature/On Die Temperature (C)
MoCA = Multimedia over Coax Alliance - Wikipedia
MSO = List of multiple-system operators - Wikipedia
NPL = Now Playing List
OTA = Over The Air (like with an antenna)
PCM = Pulse Code Modulation (Audio)
PSIP = Program and System Information Protocol - Wikipedia
RSN = Real Soon Now
SDV = Switched Digital Video
SM = Skip Mode (bestest thing)
SI = System Information
STB = Set Top Box (never free and seldom sits on top of a TV anymore)
TDL = To Do List
TD = TiVo Desktop
TE3 = TiVo Experience 3, aka Encore, TiVo Gen 3 UI
TE4 = TiVo Experience 4, aka Hydra, TiVo Gen 4 UI
TA = Tuning Adapter (always free) used with SDV
UI = User Interface
UPS = Uninterruptable Power Supply (should be mandatory)
VCT = Virtual Channel Table. Check cable card information.
VSB = Analog - > Single-sideband modulation - Wikipedia
WAF = Wife Acceptance Factor
WTW(N) = What To Watch (Now)
I came here from the link in your signature to look up an abbreviation. This is a most excellent TiVo-related list!

Question: In you abbreviations you list Skip Mode (SM). Does that refer to the 30-second skip, or commercial skip? I see some people referring to commercial skip as "CS" and was not sure of the proper abbreviation.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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