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Reposting here because I didn't know about this thread...

I stumbled on a new guide data glitch I've never seen before: ABC, Fox & CBS are all currently missing entire days of data. With both ABC & Fox, my guide jumps from 3/3:30 on Fri., 12/1, directly to 4pm on Sun., 12/3, and CBS jumps from the same point to 4pm on Sat., 12/2, then all continue on normally thru 3/3:30pm on Tue., 12/5.

The only reason I saw it at all was because I was waiting for a season premiere to drop on 12/1. And I've expecting to see a fix since first noticing it over the weekend, but it's still borked.

ETA: Both of my TiVos (Series 2 & HD) have this issue and so does a friend's Premiere.
For the record, I'm seeing this exact issue on my TiVo Series 3 and my TiVo HD.
Both on cable and Los Angeles OTA listings.

It does not occur on my TiVo Bolt

Did you get anywhere with their website error submission?
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