I am fortunate enough to have an extra Rosewill RX304 available. There are really only two recommended external enclosures for Sata to Sata Bolt upgrades, this and a Sabrent. Both hard to find, this one ESPECIALLY hard to locate. $73, comes with everything it is supposed to.

Kind of a catch, local pickup in Chicago area is great. I really don't ship anymore, since all the online payment/sales sites now require a SSN I stopped using them. And when Biden made the new law where they all have to issue a 1099 if you take in $600 in payments, in an entire YEAR, that cemented my decision. So IF I shipped would be money order or maybe Western Union. Heck for all I know WU might keep track now, might do 1099s too........... Not going to have 1099s going to IRS for a handful of sales for a few hundred bucks in a year.

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