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Rock of Love, 01x03

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I like this show. Dallas on the motorcylce was crazy. That was a pretty bad wipeout.

And that freaky PETA chick. I woulda popped her in the mouth if she was in my face like that.

More laughing manliness from Rodeo. Who is gonna eff whom? I don't think Rodeo needs a strapon for Brett.

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You gotta wonder what that Magdalena chick is packin' too.
She looks pretty hot but the low voice and amazon body have me sceptical.
Magdalena is pretty much indicative of a lot of Eastern European women.
Dallas is probably thinking right now that she should have slapped the PETA out of her since she was going to get booted off the show anyway.

Rodeo seems like one of many women on the show that I would be afraid of waking in the middle of the night with them standing over me with a knife. Brett really does like living on the edge if this is his taste in women.

Still on SP and still my fav guilty pleasure of the summer. :D
i love this show too....wasn't surprised to see two of the girls on the show have done porn too, haha.
The black chick did a great job of keeping her composure through the main part of the show. I'd like to take her out for a nice steak dinner. Red needed to get her ass kicked.
What's with Brett and constantly covering up his head. Is he bald?

And man, he's a total idiot for keeping Lacey around. That chick is psycho. And not in the good way.
So far, he's appeared exactly one time without either a scarf or a hat on-- during the "Talk Dirty To Me" challenge. They tried to hide it with camera angles, but you could tell he had a SEVERELY receding hairline.
He really believes his own press. He looks like he thinks highly of himself and considers himself a Casanova. Which, conmsidering the premise of the show, I can see why he thinks so.

But, man, everyone on this show is coming off looking trashy. Like Montel, Maury, and Springer trashy all combined.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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