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windracer said:
"If you give a mouse some milk, he might develop a taste for human blood!" :D

My daughter has all of those "If You Give" books so I was rolling during that skit. Loved the Battle of the Planets one too (one of these days my ARWL will pick that show up).

Well that explains that part of the show a bit..... I'm not familiar with "If You Give" books.

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"...and that's why I had to kill dad." LOL!

I loved "Run, Forest, Run!". Oh, and the "Your Mom says..." skit: just SO SO WRONG (but hysterical, of course).

Also thought the MythBusters skit was pretty good!

And throughout the Bob Barker skit, I was trying to figure out if they actually got Bob Barker to do the voice. He wasn't in the credits, so I guess not. But a few times, it really sounded like him.
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