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Had my Roamio for a few years now. No issues. Well recently noticed I lost two channels. 576 and 580 both NBC sportnet channels. I am getting the "problem with this signal in this channel V53" error. Called verizon and they tried responding signal or whatever. Tried power cycling router, ONT, and Tivo. Disconnecting cable coax etc... no luck.

Just noticed now 710 MTV is gone with a searching for signal on this channel V52" error.

I am using a single M cable card. Has anyone seen or know about this issue? I have a service call scheduled for Friday but if this is something with my hardware they are going to charge me. Could it be a faulty cablecard?

I have checked the signal strength and SNR numbers for these channels compared to others and both numbers are basically the same from the diagnostic menu.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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