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So I added another Mini Vox to my home network last week, bringing the total number of Minis in my house to 5 (four Voxes and one A92 model). It began causing problems pretty quickly, with my Roamio Pro crashing every time I tried to "stress test" my TVs and run a different program on each one.

I was able to make the problem mostly go away by switching two of my Minis to Ethernet instead of Moca (all the other Tivos in the house run on Moca, with the Roamio in Bridge mode)... However, the problem has not fully gone away. My Roamio just crashed at a seemingly random time (3:11), when none of the other TVs in the house are on and no recording was likely to have begun or anything.

I can't figure out what exactly is making my Roamio Pro crash when it does, so I'm having a hard time preventing the random reboots. Network Tests seem to indicate that the Moca connections are as strong now as they were before installing the fifth and final Mini, and after moving the two of them over to Ethernet and disabling Moca, none of my Minis have lost their connection except when the Roamio spontaneously crashes. Changing all the channels on my various TVs doesn't reliably recreate the crashes like it did before taking the two off Moca, either, so I'm not even sure if that's actually part of the problem anymore.

Long story short: My Roamio Pro is crashing and rebooting at seemingly random times ever since adding a fifth Mini to my home network. Switching two Minis over to Ethernet made the crashes far less frequent, but they still occur, now without seemingly any impetus. Is there anything I can do to make these random reboots stop?
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