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I'm hoping someone can help me as I haven't been able to find anything in the forums about my problem and I apologize for the long post.

I have a roamio Pro that had a hard drive that was going bad (stuttering, pixelation, audio cutouts, freezing etc.) I was limping it along, but then the box started randomly freezing. It would stop responding to remote commands, the light on the remote and the box would both light up, but nothing would happen, then the light would stop lighting up and I'd be stuck on whatever screen I was on, live TV continued to play but the box was unresponsive.
Changed the batteries in my remote, no luck.
Rebooted the box by pulling the power cable. The TiVo would work again for a few minutes, then freeze up again.
Rebooted and used a Kickstarter code to do a S.M.A.R.T check of my hard drive (3TB). It failed with code 7.
Replaced my 3TB hard drive with a 10TB hard drive, woo hoo, it booted back up! It connected to the TiVo service when checking the network!
Went to manually run an update. It gets to the 3rd step (downloading) andtand same freezing behavior I saw before happened.
Rebooted and retried several times. And I can consistently cause the problem by running an update and it always fails on the 3rd step, downloading.
Called TiVo support, who were not very supportive. They reset my remote, switched my connection from wired to a repeater to wireless, and confirmed it won't update. They then wanted to sell me a replacement box and rebuy lifetime service.
I now have the Ethernet cable unplugged for a few days and the box works fine, but my guide will run out on the 13th and I won't be able to record shows automatically anymore.
Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a fix I can try? Can I do something like manually download an update and offline update the TiVo to try and fix it?
Please help me, fellow TiVo'ers!

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Not sure it matters, but are you running TE3 or TE4 (new UI)? Did you follow the steps for installing a drive larger than 3TB (and how many hours are you showing available)? If you did not copy any recordings to the new drive and have nothing you need to keep, you might try a Clear and Delete Everything.

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