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Roamio on MOCA + Mini Vox on WiF5 Adapter... Will It Work?

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So the subject line is my question... I cannot get the VOX to see the Roamio. TiVO customer support says they both need to be on the same IP address.

Is this worth chasing?

FYI., I set up the Mini VOX using MOCA, moved it to where I intended to use it (have no coax there) are reset it to use wireless
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A Mini (any) is sensitive to IP changes. I would power off the Mini, Roamio and router. Then power up the router. When it's done, power up the Roamio. When it's up and can see the internet, power up the Mini. When it's up, test it.

The Mini with a wifi 5 adapter only talks to the router and should not have coax or Ethernet connections.
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