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I appreciate the feedback I got on this thread; thank you for stepping in!
I also appreciate the feedback I got from WeakKnees, which said "hard drive".
I placed the original HDD in the machine, and it's loading the OS onto it now. DORA (Discover, Offer, Request, Acknowledge - the process to get an IP address on a modern network) requests are now normal (ie my router now sees it), whereas before it couldn't even load enough to get into the network.
I'm hopeful that once the OS loads onto the 500GB drive all will be well (albeit with lots of lost shows and a smaller storage area).
Thanks again for helping and giving your advice. I plan to take the 3TB HDD I removed and place it into a Windows PC to run some SMART tools on it, try to format it, etc. to see what I can see...
When your Roamio is finished, you may have Mira installed.
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