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Ringer: "If You Ever Want a French Lesson" OAD 9/27/11 s01e03

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So now Siobhan knows she's pregnant (although she clearly suspected it already) and that it's the other dude's kid, and that she loves him.

Was there actually abuse going on, or was she just setting the stage with the lawyer?

That poor professor. He befriended the wrong girl.

I liked Bridget's play with the phone and the FBI agent.
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From an interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar:

"Nicole and Eric pitched me the first three seasons all the way through. Some things have already changed, but the big questions we have answers to, and we give them out a little bit every episode."

I'd been wondering about that. How much of the plot was sketched out, and how much was flying by the seat of their pants. Good news that they've got a plan.
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