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”It’s not a real train, it’s a story device. Literally. A literal literary device quite literally metaphorically containing us.”


Even moreso after watching the whole episode, when there IS a literal train, and after the credits when they break through the fourth wall (didn’t they mention the fifth wall in the episode? LOL) and tell you to go on the internet to buy the train... and even moreso after that when you go to the site, see real things for sale, and read comments from people saying they were told there would be a train for purchase but it’s not on the site, so not real.


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I haven't seen this one yet, but judging from your description, this sounds like it is referencing "Infinity Train" which I enjoyed for its first season but got bored with its second.
I don't think they specifically had "Infinity Train" in mind when they were writing/producing this episode, but there are some similarities.
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