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Rhapsody gone and no communication from Tivo

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I'm starting a new tivo/Rhapsody thread because what's going on now is far different than earlier Rhapsody problems described in old threads. Simply put, Rhapsody has been unavailable on Tivo since July 12, 2011, and Tivo apparently could care less. Subscribers trying to access Rhapsody on their Tivo 2, Tivo HD/3, and Premieres, get a message saying that there is "scheduled maintenance" and to check back later. "Later" has now exceeded 22 days. What's worse, Tivo has been completely non-communicative. Tivo customer service has no information, and Tivo has not pro-actively either via website or email, notified customers as to what's being done to fix the problem and how long it will take.

Major problem goes unfixed for 22 days and counting, customer service has no clue, and Tivo is non-communicative. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

The problem is pretty clear. Rhapsody initiated a software change about July 12. Rhapsody claims it did everything necessary to make sure partners had upgraded firmware in advance. Obviously they didn't. But why can't Tivo fix this in 22+ days? And why Tivo's complete lack of communication with their customers as to this.?
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I'm with you...I'm completely frustrated by this situation. Though my Tivo purchase decision was not based solely on Rhapsody connectivity, it was a MAJOR selling point to me over renting a stb or exploring other dvr choices. And now, after ~3 weeks, the Tivo/Rhapsody partnership has failed as well as other */Rhapsody partnerships (Denon/Rhapsody comes to mind for me as my Denon AVR is also currently in the same situation). I do believe that Sony has corrected their Rhapsody apps so maybe there is hope...maybe. Holding my breath? I think not...
We don't even use Rhapsody anymore... but this is alarming to me. When FrameChannel went bust, Tivo got on top of it and posted about what was going on here in the forums.

Rhapsody, though, has seen crickets, period, here or elsewhere, from Tivo. That silence is alarming because it implies that either Tivo is not aware Rhapsody is broken, or they do not care. Knowing Tivo, they probably don't want to speculate on a fix, but at least some indication that they're aware of the issue would go a long way.

Edit 8/5/11 - In another thread, a Tivo employee has let us know they are aware of the outage, but it's unfortunately not an easy fix and so there is no specific information to share on timing. Color me pleased! :)
You are PAYING for the use of the app. Tivo is not honoring it's contract with you.
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