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Pull a new cable (or 2 or 3). If you have a feed installed already, you should be able to trace it up through your attic or down below in the crawlspace. Start at the cable TV junction box (perhaps outside, mounted on the exterior side) and follow try to figure if it goes up or down from there.

Once you find it, you have several choices...if the existing run of RG6 is "loose" in the wall, then you can use that as a pull cord for more lengths, or you can drop/push a new string or cable length into the wall from the point the old wire goes in as well. I invested in a set of "green sticks"...fiberglass rods that screw together n(Think camping tent supports) to aid in fishing wires. Those things are FAB, I highly recommend them if you're going to be pulling more than one wire in the life of your house.

All "easy" bets are off if your existing cable is coming out of the brick wall or something like that... Then there's lots more questions to be asked and things to check out.

Good luck
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