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Recently (6 months ago) I semi-retired my old reliable Series 1 Philips TiVo (upgraded to 200 hour, with lifetime). To replace it, I bought two Series2 TiVos (one Humax DVD, one the 180 DT model Series2), which are networked (wireless).

Now I've finally hooked the Series 1 up to a TV again. And while I figure it could work as an "extra" place to record things (such as the extremely rare occurrence when the dual-tuner Tivo is recording two things, and the Humax is recording one, and there's one more thing I want to record), but that sounds a little silly to me.

But I don't want to part with it (still have some things on it to watch), so selling it isn't an option.

What should I do with it? I've considered hacking it and putting a NIC card in, so it can "phone home" without actually using the phone. But if I do that, will I get any other benefits other than that?

I know (okay, suspect) that I won't be able to transfer shows between the Series 1 and my Series 2s.

Long story short: should I hack it to add network capability, and if so, what new functionality will I get for my troubles?

Not only that, but what else should/could I do with it?

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The only real value to a NIC in an S1 is extraction, with elimination of the phone call a secondary value, as well as making most other networking features easier.

For just the call home, you could look into Serial PPP, which is cheaper than the NIC.
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