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I noticed today that Junkyard Wars reruns are starting to air on Discovery again. I've probably seen most, if not all of them but I'm glad to see them nonetheless just because it's been a few years.

That got me to thinking about other shows I'd like to see reruns of, stuff that never seems to air. Most recently, I'd love to see reruns of Batttle Bots. Seems like it never aired again after the run ended.

There are tons of shows from the 50's and 60's that I would watch if someone would show them. I wish TV Land had the rights to more content. What would you like to see again?

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St. Elsewhere
The Paper Chase
Peyton Place
Jack Paar
Dick Cavett, which they did rerun for a bit there, but not enough
My Friend Tony, which absolutely nobody will remember

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My girls loved Powerpuff Girls.

On the Superhero theme I wish that somebody would show the Spider-Man and X-Men series from the early 90s, since they still haven't come out on DVD.
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