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requesting TV Unit recommendation

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I'd like to prepare for the upcoming series 3. Any brand/model of HD-TV unit that you guys may recommend? My price range is slightly average... not cheap but not expensive.

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I'd say wait till the S3 arrives. Everything will be cheaper by then. In the meantime, you might start narrowing it down to a preferred display technology, screen size etc.

Get one with more inputs than you currently need.
whats an advisable screen size? I prefer a large view with less grain on TV recordings (standards/hd)?
I am leaning towards the SONY SXRD models. They seem to be the best micrsodisplay in most regards. Come in 50" & 60" for around $3500 & $4500 range. (less online)
New models are to be released in September that accept 1080p inputs. But September is a while away. More info on new models in Feb.
Zaui said:
whats an advisable screen size? I prefer a large view with less grain on TV recordings (standards/hd)?
HD is designed to be viewed as close as 3 times the screen height (vs. 7-9 times for NTSC.) Of course, SD an an HD display viewed that close will be unattractive, so it's best to switch to an HD display when you can switch most of your viewing to HD content (check your content provider).
get the 102" plasma that was at CES.

i'm going to wait on an hdtv. i'm looking for one around 26", an lcd or crt that is 16:9 supports up to 1080i and is around $600
There are so many options and so much of it is really dependent on:

  1. Your personal TV viewing preferences
  2. The physical layout of the room & where everyone that is watching the set will be
  3. What you want your total home theater to consist of
  4. How much you want to spend on the TV and your total home theater setup
So it is hard to give relevant advise without knowing allot more about your situation.

If what you have know is working and you enjoy it I would wait until the series 3 is out before upgrading your TV - the quality is still going up and the prices are still coming down.

If you want to buy before the series 3 I think there are still some trade offs to each technology. But I believe best values are:

  1. For larger screen (42" & above) DLP projection (Samsung & Panasonic look good to me)
  2. For smaller screens - wide screen CRTs (34" Sony looks good to me)
LCDs might also be on my short list but I don't think plasma would be.


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